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Sports Games

Explore the newest online sports games, from soccer thrills to boxing and basketball skills. Along with a variety of ball games, there are also extreme sports and combat sports games. Find a top sporty title and get your head in the game!

Soccer Games

Soccer is one of the most popular sports globally, and it encompasses a broad range of athletic and mental skills. There are plenty of free soccer games to browse here. Our most popular soccer game is SocCar, which is influenced by the explosive popularity of vehicle-based sports games like Rocket League. Soccer Legends 2021 and Soccer Skills Euro 2021 are two popular soccer games released in 2021.

Basketball Games

After soccer, basketball is one of the most popular sport games worldwide. People all over the world tune in to watch NBA stars such as LeBron James, Anthony David, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and others play in the NBA. Our collection of basketball games lets you experience basketball fun by scoring points, making dunks, and hitting 3 pointers. These games include relatively simple 1-player or 2-player basketball games such as Basketball Stars and Basketball Legends 2020, and more advanced multiplayer basketball games such as Basketball.io and BasketBros.

American Football Games

If you prefer sports games with a little more contact, American Football and rugby might be more your style. Rugby.io is a fast-paced and fun choice for American Football and rugby lovers. For the more fanatical American Football players, 4th and Goal 2019 puts you in control of an accurate game with stats.

Fighting Games

If you like direct-contact sports like martial arts, we have a range of fighting games for letting off steam through intense battles. Within this category, you have boxing games like Punchers, a realistic 3D boxing game you can play against your friends on the same device.

Extreme Sports

In the 1990s, Extreme sports like skateboarding received a significant boost in popularity. This increase of interest introduced snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and other extreme sports into mainstream gaming. Want to skateboard downhill as a hungry raccoon while listening to jazz? Tanuki Sunset has you covered.

More Sports Games

Countless sports are famous around the world. We’ve only scratched the surface. What about sports games that involve swinging and hitting? We’re talking racket and bat-and-ball games. These categories include baseball, badminton, and cricket.  We have all of these games at CrazyGames, so explore the sections of your favorite sports games at your leisure.

All of our sports games are free-to-play in your web browser. Whether you want to hit a home run or skateboard downhill as a raccoon, your regular and most outlandish sporty desires are covered. Most of our games are in HTML5, a cross-platform format that works in any modern web browser. Some games are also in Flash. These games can be played simply by allowing Flash to run on any page that prompts you to.


What are the most popular Sports Games?

  1. Table Tennis World Tour
  2. 8 Ball Billiards Classic
  3. Tap-Tap Shots
  4. Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)
  5. Soccer Legends 2021
  6. Penalty Shooters 3
  7. Mini Golf Club
  8. Basketball Stars
  9. Penalty Shooters 2
  10. Basket Random

What are the best Sports Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. 8 Ball Billiards Classic
  2. Tap-Tap Shots
  3. Table Tennis World Tour
  4. Basket Random
  5. Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)

What are some underrated Sports Games?

  1. Basketball Stars
  2. Basket Random
  3. BasketBros
  4. Basketball Legends 2020

What are Sports Games?

Sports games involve competing against one or more players in tactical challenges that test your precision, accuracy, and strategy. Most sports games are 3D team games like basketball and soccer. Combat sports games like boxing and martial arts are also a top-rated choice. Enjoy the competitive nature of sports without having to do the exercise!

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