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Monster Truck Games

Race your monster truck over obstacle courses, through busy traffic, or on racing tracks. These monster truck games let you play in 2D or 3D.

Who doesn't like monster trucks and their huge tires, burning rubber, and roaring engines? In these crazy monster truck games you can crush cars, perform stunts, and race other monster trucks. If you like trucks then you've come to the right place! Crazy Games' truck and monster truck games come in all varieties and offer hours of non-stop fun and entertainment. Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter, an 18-wheel cargo trucker, or an extreme monster trucker? Well, you have found the right place! This is a trucker's paradise! We have got all the games that will keep you going and get your adrenaline pumping. Save the city with Firefighters Truck 3 or use your precision problem solving skills in Heavy Tow Truck 3. Big trucks, pickup trucks, winter trucks, zombie trucks, extreme trucks, off-road trucks… and many, many more - the possibilities for fun are endless. We have the best truck driving games that will keep you coming back, and the best part is that all games are completely free! You don't need any complex external controllers or an advanced high-powered computer. The games will run smoothly right on your desktop. You only need a keyboard and a sense of adventure. Whether you want to launch of HUGE jumps in your monster truck or whip down the freeway in a high-speed pursuit, our truck games have it all. Now, come on in, take control, and enjoy the best non-stop fun with over 60 truck and monster truck driving games now!


What are the most popular Monster Truck Games?

  1. Monster Truck Rampage
  2. Endless Truck
  3. Mad Truck Challenge Special
  4. Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure
  5. Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure
  6. The Ranger with the Magic Bow
  7. Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure
  8. Monsters' Wheels Special
  9. SuperTrucks Offroad Racing
  10. Gas Monsters

What are the best Monster Truck Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Endless Truck
  2. Hard Wheels Winter
  3. Hard Wheels 2
  4. 4x4 Monster
  5. Hard Wheels

What are Monster Truck Games?

Our Truck Games and Monster Truck Games focus on events and challenges involving vehicles of the same name. Like real-life (monster) trucks, players have to race, crush cars and pull off stunts, but these games often go beyond that. Some involve complicated obstacle courses, balancing acts and even action-adventure experiences. For the most part, they come in 2D side-scroller, overhead view and 3D formats.

Play the Best Online Monster Truck Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Monster Truck Rampage and Many More Right Now!
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