Past Projects

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Nox Mortis: VR Psychological Horror

A terrifying psychological horror experience built with Unity and C# and released worldwide on iOS / Android. With nowhere to run and no means of fighting back, the player is at the mercy of a scene which threatens to destroy him/her. Features over 20+ randomly selected scares which increase in intensity over time. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD IOS / DOWNLOAD ANDROID



Ball Buster!! 

Built in less that a month with Unity2D and released worldwide on Android and iOS. Frantic, fast-paced gameplay and tight controls make this one a winner!





Hexagonal Dots: Six Ways To Connect

My first project using Construct 2 (built in less than a week). A hexagonal twist on the classic dots gameplay. Play it from the browser on desktop or mobile! PLAY GAME

Killer Snails Deep Dive: An Underwater VR-Adventure 

Deep sea underwater exploration game with Oculus / Google Cardboard  integration. Use your trusty to claw to collect various snail specimen. Don’t be fooled by their innocuous appearance. These shelled assassins may take their time getting around, but they sure don’t waste any time killing their prey with lethal poison! WATCH VIDEO


A revolutionary new way to move in VR with Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard. Use just one button to hop and gain height, scaling even the highest mountain peaks. Hold the same button to ascend while looking at the dreamlike landscape below. Navigate rings and perilous obstacles as you soar to new heights. WATCH VIDEO

Sigil: An Online Mobile Card Game

A new type of a card game built with Unity and C# and released worldwide on iOS / Android. Combine just three cards to cast over 20 different spells and decimate your foes in online matches over UNET. Sigil avoids chance elements in favor of strategy and mind games. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD IOS / DOWNLOAD ANDROID

Death Maze: High-Octane Speed Horror

You must face you fears head on: Never stop moving forward as you navigate perilous obstacles and face evil creatures. In the end, you must run from impending doom in a chase of life and death. Use your instincts and master your speed to escape the grueling nightmare. DOWNLOAD PC