Sonic Frontiers End Theme Song Sounds Like Upbeat Speed Metal


While the quality of Sonic games over the last two decades is debatable, one aspect that each game featuring Sega's blue blur has in common is a soundtrack that typically captures the need for speed. For Sonic Frontiers, Sega has teamed up with rock band One OK Rock to produce the game's ending theme, "Vandalize."

Sega describes this track as being reflective of the vast landscape of Sonic Frontiers, the high-speed action that players can engage in, and Sonic's image as an upbeat and cool character. You can listen to a snippet of it below:

Sonic Frontiers is currently scheduled to launch on November 8 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Sega has high hopes for the game and how it puts the blue hedgehog into an explorable sandbox, with creative officer Takashi Iizuka describing it as "the future" of Sonic.

Despite a lukewarm reception so far, Iizuka says that Sega won't delay the game so that fan concerns can be addressed. He also suggested that once players get their hands on the game at an in-person event like Tokyo Game Show, they'll understand the direction that Sega is taking with Sonic Frontiers.

In case you missed it, you can check out gameplay videos of Sonic speeding through the landscape, check out the speedy combat, and read up on the skill tree that players can experiment with.

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