Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall Unveils New Combat And Story In Massive Update


Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall, the mobile squad-based RPG from Behaviour Interactive, has received a gameplay overhaul in its latest update.

In essence, the game has left behind its old chess-like system for an action-heavy vibe, though the game remains a turn-based tactical RPG. The game is a prequel to the show, and players will investigate the disappearance of Commander Brynden Rivers outside of the massive northern wall. The new story campaign reveals an unexplored area beyond the wall that players will fight through and discover.

Though the game's story takes place 48 years before the Game of Thrones TV series begins, Beyond The Wall lets you recruit characters from throughout the show's tenure, like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, as well as original characters from the game's new story. Players can upgrade these characters and equip them with new gear as they explore the world and defeat enemies. You can save multiple squads to ensure that you have the right team for the right mission.

On the multiplayer side, players can go toe to toe in PvP to conquer the leaderboard or form battalions to take down bosses with friends. The new update is available starting today, September 8.