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RPG Games

Browse our free RPG games collection and immerse yourself in a fantasy world without leaving the comfort of your web browser. No download required.

History of RPG games

The original Role-playing game was called the tabletop role-playing game. These games are conducted through discussion, not physically performing the characters' actions live like in live action role-playing games (LARP). The game master decides on the rules and will make sure that all players play according to the rules. In 1974 a version of Dungeons & Dragons was released through electronic media. These computer RPG's were influenced by electronic gaming and can be divided into single and multiplayer games.

New RPG Games

RPG games have come a long way since tabletop games, though they are still very much alive and popular too. Just like standalone RPGs such as WoW and Final Fantasy XIV, there are plenty you can play on the web without having to download any files. After all, one of the most popular RPG games, Runescape, was originally a free browser game.

The Best Free RPG Games

As you can see on the page, there’s a lot of choice, so we’ve handpicked 5 free RPG games you should definitely check out!

  • Eliatopia - online RPG set in an alien fantasy world.
  • Goodgame Empire - A classic MMO strategy game set in Medieval times.
  • War Lands - a roguelike ARPG-style game where you battle and upgrade your character.
  • Shakes and Fidget - a legendary browser-based RPG with a satirical twist.
  • Duck Life: Battle - It’s an open-world addition to the Duck Life series!

More Online RPG Games

There are plenty more great titles on this page. For example, Dynamons World remains one of the most popular RPG games in this section. Browse through the rest of our extensive collection to discover more excellent hidden titles, and tag CrazyGames on TikTok if you make any gameplay videos!


What are the most popular RPG Games?

  1. Dead Land: Survival
  2. More Ore
  3. Your Chronicle
  4. Monster Sanctuary
  5. War Lands
  6. Incremental Epic Hero
  7. Fray Fight
  8. Eliatopia
  9. Idle Superpowers
  10. Forge & Fortune

What are the best RPG Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Dead Land: Survival
  2. Milky Way Idle
  3. Wacky Dungeon
  4. The Haunted Ruins
  5. Grow RPG

What are RPG Games?

RPG stands for role-playing game. These games usually focus on a single character or a small group of characters. Unlike other games, where a role is there for the sake of gameplay, RPG characters make their way through a story. In most cases, you gain experience as you fight, allowing you to upgrade your characters and improve their strength.

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