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Papa's Wingeria

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May 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), iOS, Android
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Papa’s Wingeria is a casual restaurant game where you cook delicious wings for customers. Learn to serve the perfect plate of wings and purchase upgrades to improve the customer experience. The days only get busier at Papa’s Wingeria, so work fast to deliver all the orders on time!

How to Play

Accept your place in the pecking order

Take… These broken wings… And throw them in the fryer. We have customers to serve. Papa Louie has scammed you into working at one of his restaurants. You are now contractually obligated to fry tasty wings for Papa’s Wingeria. He’ll start you with the basic skills, and you’ll work your way up from there.

Add a tasteful amount of sauce

Fry the requested amount of wings until they reach the line. Place the wings into the wing-spinner 3000 and load up the requested sauce. There are various sauces Wingeria patrons love, so it’s essential to time your saucing and wing-whizzing precisely. There’s nothing worse than not having enough sauce.

Spread your wings

The final stage. Spread your wings neatly around the plate and add all of the required extras! Some customer’s like to convince themselves that having a few celery sticks makes it a healthy meal. Serve it with a chef’s kiss, but not literally. That could land you in trouble.

Unwind after a day in the chicken shop

After each day’s shift, you’ll get 3 tickets to play in one of the various minigames. You could be shooting targets, catching burgers, or any of the other minigames. If you succeed at the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with something to help you in the game. You can also use your tips to buy new items for the restaurant.

From Wingeria to Bling-eria

Decorative items like tables and posters help improve customer waiting time, while upgrades to the equipment can make the food prep process easier and faster. Eventually, the shop floor will be completely kitted out with new furniture, flooring, walls—all the bells and whistles. You have to earn them first, though!


  • Pick a character or build your own
  • Fry wings and serve them in a presentable fashion
  • Play fun minigames to unlock items after a hard day’s work
  • Upgrade Papa’s Wingeria with all of the finest furnishings

Release Date

  • June 2012 (Flash)
  • August 2014 (iOS)
  • February 2019 (Android)


Flipline Studios made Papa's Wingeria. We have many more of their Papa's games to play. Other popular choices are Papa's Cheeseria and Papa's Freezeria.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Use the left mouse button to cook the wings.

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