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Papa's Pancakeria

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May 2014
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Papa’s Pancakeria is a casual restaurant game where you grill pancakes and serve them with delicious toppings to customers. Play minigames and upgrade the shop as you progress. Learn to create perfect pancakes while juggling multiple orders at once!

How to Play

Train with sensei Louie

Papa Louie has kidnapped your cat and used him as a way to lure you to his pancake ranch. When you arrive to reclaim your cat, he confines you to unpaid servitude at his famous Pancakeria. Although initially resisting, you soon find happiness honing your skills in the hills as Papa’s pancake protégé.

Master the art of grilling

There’s only so good you can be at grilling pancakes. As a student of the great Papa Louie, you will soon learn how to grill pancakes to the perfect level, with a delicate crispiness on the outside and fluffiness within. Follow the guide on the grill, and use the fast-forward switch to put the oven into overdrive!

Add delicious toppings

Only a psychopath eats their pancakes plain, and while you will certainly get some odd requests working at Papa’s Pancakeria, most customers prefer their pancakes with delicious toppings. You can add sprinkles, bananas, syrups, blueberries - all of the most delicious things to provide tastiness to your customers.

Enjoy your leisurely hours

After each day’s shift, you’ll get 3 chances at one of the various minigames. You could be playing Pizza Pachinko or any number of fun little games. If you succeed at the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with something to help you in the game. You can also use your tips to buy new items for the restaurant.

Serve your customers in style

Decorative items like tables and posters help improve customer waiting time, while upgrades to the equipment can make the food prep process easier and faster. Eventually, the shop floor will be completely kitted out with new furniture, flooring, walls—all the bells and whistles. You have to earn them first, though!


  • Play as either Cooper or Prudence
  • Serve pancakes in a variety of delectable ways
  • Become a pro pancake maker with Papa Louie’s guidance
  • Play fun minigames to unlock items after a day at the grill
  • Upgrade Papa’s Pancakeria with all of the finest furnishings


Flipline Studios developed this game, and a range of fun Papa's games. Once you've mastered flipping pancakes, try flipping burgers in Papa's Burgeria!


Web browser


Use the mouse to play the game.