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Mahjongg Solitaire

(22,131 votes)
August 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), Android

Mahjongg Solitaire is a mahjong game featuring traditional rules and modern visuals. There are no shuffles, and the game is timed, but the pace of the game is relaxed.

How to Play

Spot the patterns

Mahjong is a tricky puzzle game. There are so many tiles, many of which look the same but feature slight differences. Along with the need to spot these patterns, you can’t move any pieces with both sides blocked. The left or right side needs to be accessible at least.

Use hints when you’re stuck

Mahjongg Solitaire features hints if you get stuck, but there is no shuffle feature like some other mahjong games. The games are also timed, meaning there is some urgency to how many tiles you can match.

When the game ends, you’ll get a score for the tiles you matched, and a bonus for how far you got in the game before your time ran out.

Tile groups

Mahjongg Solitaire features 144 tiles divided primarily into three suits. The primary suits are:

  • Dots - feature circles
  • Bamboo - feature lines
  • Characters - feature Chinese characters

In Mahjongg Solitaire, you’ll also notice special tiles that can be matched even without the same image. These are highlighted in blue or green.

More Games Like This

Mahjongg Solitaire is an excellent choice for a beginner or regular mahjong enthusiast. However, there are many other titles to find in our mahjong games collection. Mahjong Connect and Mahjong Classic are two popular choices.

Release Date

October 2016


Web browser (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android version.

Last Updated

Aug 03, 2022


Use the left mouse button to interact.


Is it spelled mahjong or mahjongg?

Both words are correct and are used to describe the same game.

Is Mahjongg Solitaire a difficult game?

Mahjong is generally a tricky game, but this is probably a medium-difficulty mahjong game compared with others. There are no shuffles, but you have 10 minutes and unlimited hints which balances the game nicely.
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