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Happy Wheels

(72,099 votes)
June 2022
Browser (desktop-only), iOS
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Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling ragdoll physics game. Navigate through the levels using one of several unique characters without being torn limb from limb. Sound easy? Think again. Happy Wheels was one of the earliest browser games to utilize wacky ragdoll physics as a key element of the game.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels emerged in 2010, taking the browser gaming world by storm with its wild mechanics, bizarre characters, and elaborate user-created levels. Still available in its original form today, you can explore the ingenious levels created by players and try out various characters in the game.


You can play through a variety of original and user-created levels in Happy Wheels. There's a countless selection to choose from, some of which are easier to play through with certain characters. Depending on the level, you could find yourself riding your wheelchair through someone's stomach or plowing through a forest on an angry cat.

The goal of each level varies, from reaching the end to collecting all the tokens. Some levels are entirely aimless. You can also design your own tracks and share them with the rest of the world for testing.


The Original 4

The characters in Happy Wheels are far from conventional in a platformer. Instead of having superpowers, you're pretty much a regular guy. The first character is Wheelchair Guy, a slightly ragged-looking older man in a jet-powered wheelchair. As you can imagine, a jet-powered wheelchair is pretty tough to control without causing severe injury.

Segway Guy, on the other hand, he's a bit more manageable, and a common choice among seasoned Happy Wheels gamers. The other two original game characters are Irresponsible Dad (who rather irresponsibly has his kid on the back seat), and Effective Shopper, who rides a mobility scooter.

Each character in Happy Wheels has an ability unique to them. Segway Guy can jump, and Wheelchair Guy can turbo boost his jet thrusters to move faster. Learn more about the Happy Wheels character abilities.

Newer Characters

As Happy Wheels continued to provide endless gory entertainment for the gaming world, several new characters were released. These include the creatively named Moped Couple, Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, Santa Claus, Pogo Stick Man, Irresponsible Mom, and Helicopter Man.

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Is there even a game quite like Happy Wheels? Well, since the game's inception, there have been plenty of games with whacky ragdoll physics and intricate mechanics. One such challenging game is Short Life 2, a mercilessly bloody game where you awkwardly control a ragdoll man like a puppeteer through various deadly obstacles. If you're looking for a regular platformer without wild physics, check out OvO.

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  • Countless user-made levels to play on
  • Plenty of hilarious ways to meet your fate
  • Various characters with different advantages
  • Design and build your own levels


This game is available online in your browser, and as an iOS and Android app.

Original Release Date

June 2010


This game is developed by Total Jerkface / Fancy Force LLC. The designer of the game is Jim Bonacci.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to shoot or jump
  • Ctrl or Shift for secondary actions


Where can I play Happy Wheels without Flash player?

You can play Happy Wheels on CrazyGames.com without Flash or any additional downloads.

Do I need to download Happy Wheels to play it?

No, Happy Wheels can be played for free in your web browser.

Gameplay Video

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